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Dlanor brak


About Me

Who am i?

I am Lowkieyed, ofcourse this isnt my real name.

Thats just my online alias, my real name is Dlanor Brak,
I was born back in 2002 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

For as long as i can remember ive had a love for cars, motorcycles, mopeds and working on all of the above.

As i got older i realized i loved traveling and photography amongst other things.

i also listen to a wide variety of music, but i wont get into that here as much.

If you wanna learn more about me, feel free to head over tho the "about" page!

Dlanor brak





I have a few different albums, some include pictures of my bike,

Others are just from the locations ive captured photos at.

Or you could look through my tinkering album,

Which is where i have all the pictures of progress and me tinkering on my bike!